About Our School

Children holding hands encircling earth

Mission Statement

Many Cultures, One Community, Living, Learning and Working Together

Our School Vision

At Mary, Mother of Hope JNS we adopt a child centered holistic approach to ensure that each child’s needs are catered for and strengths nurtured in a welcoming, caring, happy, safe and loving environment.

Parents, staff and members of the wider community work collaboratively to encourage the development of each child to their full potential. We aspire that each child will become a mature, responsible, open minded and respectful member of our community.

Our School Crest

The detail on our school crest contains the following symbols:

  • The ring, as a sign of unity.
  • The book, as a sign of knowledge and learning, containing the Greek letters alpha and omega.
  • The lily is the symbol of Mary, Mother of Hope, the patron of the school.
  • The name of the school appears in Irish on the outline of the crest.
  • The inscription in Latin reads ‘Per Scientiam Ad Unitatem’, meaning through knowledge to unity and understanding.
Mary, Mother of Hope Junior National School Crest

Our School Ethos

Mary, Mother of Hope Junior National School is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin. The policies, practices and attitudes of the school are grounded in Christian values.

A spirit of mutual respect and tolerance for difference is promoted within the school community. The school seeks to foster an appreciation of, respect for and celebration of the different religious and cultural backgrounds represented in the school.

The school aims at fostering a sense of community between Management, Teachers, Parents, Pupils and the wider community. The school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the child, including his/her relationship with God, with other people and with the environment.

The community of Mary, Mother of Hope JNS place the safety and protection of our children at the core of our thinking. The school staff aims at making the school a centre of excellence in which high professional standards are maintained and where pupils learn in a safe and happy environment. Teachers are encouraged to develop their personal and professional talents. Ancillary staff in the school, are highly valued and respected. It is recognised that their work makes a valued contribution to the process of education.

The school recognises and celebrates the dignity and value of each individual child. Teachers are sensitive to the needs and particular circumstances of the pupils in their care. Close contact is central to the positive experience of the child in school. We aim for parents and teachers to value, respect and support one another. We seek to collaborate as partners, in leading the young people in whose education we play such a crucial role.

The school’s code of discipline reflects Christian values promoted in the school, with an emphasis on forgiveness, reconciliation, new beginnings and hope. Religious education is provided for the pupils in accordance with the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church. Prayer is a feature of the school day. Children are prepared for the reception of the sacraments in co-operation between home, school and parish. Children are given the opportunity to participate in liturgical celebrations arranged by the school. The school seeks to identify itself closely with the parish and the wider community and children are encouraged to participate in parish and community activities.

Alma Moran

A Message from our Principal

My name is Alma Moran and I am delighted to have worked at Mary, Mother of Hope since the school was established in 2001. I was honoured to be appointed as Principal of the Junior School when it was opened in 2008 and I thoroughly enjoy leading this busy, warm and vibrant educational community where the highest levels of care, attention and professionalism are upheld on a daily basis.

Our school has a Catholic ethos while at the same time welcomes children of all faiths and none. We have 16 mainstream classes for children from Junior Infants to Second Class and a special class for children of a similar age with autism. The community of Mary, Mother of Hope J.N.S consists of 441 wonderful boys and girls, 27 talented teachers, 7 superb Special Needs Assistants, Anita our Secretary, Séanna our Caretaker , Anna and Daniella our Cleaners and a wonderfully supportive parent body.Together we strive to ensure that we are providing a true centre of excellence for the children of Littlepace/Castaheany. We also maintain strong links with Mary, Mother of Hope S.N.S with whom we share our campus.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. I hope you enjoy your visit. If you already have links with our school I hope you check the website regularly to keep yourself informed of what is happening at Mary, Mother of Hope J.N.S. If you are considering sending your child to our school we hope that our website presents you with all of the information you need and we look forward to meeting you in person in the future.

Jean Cullen

A Message from our Deputy Principal

Hello, my name is Jean Cullen and I am the Deputy Principal at Mary, Mother of Hope Junior National School. I work closely with the Principal Ms Moran and all of the other staff to ensure that all of the children in our school receive the best possible educational experience during their time with us.

At Mary, Mother of Hope JNS we are very lucky to have a highly motivated and creative team of teachers who, with the support of Special Needs Assistants and ancillary staff, work tirelessly to deliver the primary school curriculum. They balance all subjects and use a variety of teaching styles and methodologies to ensure that all of our children engage fully with their learning. Every child in our school is encouraged and supported to reach their potential and are praised regularly for their achievements.

Our school community is enriched by the active role which our parents play in school life. Our Parents Association offer constant support to one another, to the children and to the staff. Many of our parents also help out in our classes, attend our parent and toddler group and participate in various DDLETB run classes held here in the school. Each member of our school community – our children, our parents and our school staff are treated at all times with mutual respect adding to the positive and vibrant atmosphere that prevails in our school.

Please take some time to browse our website and make sure to check back in regularly to keep updated with news and events in our school.

Slán libh go léir agus bain taitneamh as ár suíomh idirlíon,
Jean Cullen